About me

This is me

After completing my Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Sciences and then Masters in Pharmaco-informatics from NIPER-India, I started my career as an intern at EMBL-EBI, Cambridge. During this period I worked on developing statistical models for the prediction of One-bond Carbon Proton (1JCH) coupling constants - NMR spectroscopy in collaboration with Syngenta.

Then in early 2014, I went back to India and started to contemplate my interests and the direction I would like to take regarding career. Around the same time, I started getting my hands dirty with various web technologies and began to plan multiple open source projects (CADDify, OpenProject etc. which unfortunately haven’t taken any shape due to my inexperience at that time and lack of resources)

In 2015, I joined MetaboLights team as a software developer and had contributed to the improvement of various functional and design aspects of MetaboLights web interface. Today (2017), I am a full stack web developer actively involved in the day-to-day development and external resources integration (Wikipathways, MetExplore etc.) with MetaboLights. I also developed an Online staging area, MetaboLights Labs for the metabolomics data management and I am actively involved in developing Galaxy-workflow tools for interacting with the MetaboLights resources as a part of the MetaboFlow project.

Personally, I am very much interested in AI / Machine learning, new Blockchain based web protocols and very much excited to develop decentralised web applications - web3.0 . If you would like to team up or share our ideas, email or tweet me right away